The image of the product must amaze and "tell" to arouse the desire to buy in your customer

eCommerce and corporate sites pictures

E Commerce photos are large images that take up a large area of an eCommerce site's screen. They are still life that show your product in an emphatic way and often have a company logo or claim superimposed on them. They are images that push the emotional factor and aim to strike and shock buyers. The image, therefore, is an important element that completes the entire product sheet accurately and in detail. The photo must tell the story of the product and, even if only virtually, must "make it touch" to users.

· The single product on your eCommerce will therefore be enhanced by one or more Sill Life photos which, combined with a unique and original descriptive content, will create the best shopping experience. During the realization of the individual shots, Lifestyle photos can be produced: captivating and set images, accompanying the contents, or otherwise very useful for being published in a blog article.

An example of Still Life photos for eCommerce


· STILL LIFE PHOTOS: in this context, product Still Life photos are essential for your sales objectives: the product is the true and only protagonist! It is represented by itself, on a white background, so that all attention is focused on it. · LIFESTYLE PHOTOS: This is a type of photography that shows your product in an engaging context capable of suggesting the perception of a lifestyle. The goal is to communicate the values associated with your brand, to make your product perceived as unique and to make people understand what it represents.

2 examples of product images


eCommerce and corporate sites pictures

Marcello Moresco creates Still Life photos and lifestyle photos using the right equipment to get the best result (Fujifilm), also in terms of times and costs established for this activity. The photos thus created will subsequently be optimized for the web (and integrated with the contents of each individual product sheet), in order to maintain their quality, making site navigation always fast.