Corporate communication

Corporate communication is a set of activities involved in managing all company communications

L to your new one corporate communication which starts well straight away! From the study ofcoordinated image, until the creation of yours brand identity more effective. Both on traditional media (e.g. House Horgan) and on digital media (e.g. website). Marcello Moresco will take care of studying and implementing the graphics of your company or activity, with the certain aim of increasing, consolidating or renewing your "communicating" style, thus making it effective, always unique and original.

· Through a detailed study of your sector, the market, the target you are addressing and the competition, I will create a new one Marketing and Communication strategy which will have a dual objective: 1) Provide you with all the necessary and indispensable tools to effectively "speak" to your customers. 2) Choose which communication channels, traditional and digital (and in what way), to invest in to capture the attention of leads, thus increasing their interest in your products or services.

Renew your communication style


ZRC Law FirmExample of a created logo

Corporate communication

Marcello Moresco Web Designer e SEO Specialist in Milan will immediately become your trusted contact responsible for image and communication of your company or commercial activity. By interacting directly with the Marketing office or the owner, he will provide all the graphic contributions, photographs and content necessary to be able to carry out all the activities described below in the smartest and most effective way.

Brand Identity

  • corporate logo
  • Corporate image (paper and digital)
  • Photo creation
  • Brochure/House Horgan (paper and digital)
  • Product catalog (paper)
  • Website (built with WordPress)
  • eCommerce site (WooCommerce or other platforms)
  • Company Facebook page

Communication strategy

  • Email Marketing
  • Management of social channels
  • Creation of a blog (and its management over time)
  • Creation of Newsletters (and their management)
  • Automation Marketing
  • Content creation (Brochure, website, eCommerce)
  • Indexing and SEO positioning of contents
  • Other marketing and SEO/SEM activities
  • Monthly analysis and reports