An Art Director supports the client by helping him to build his own coordinated image effectively

Image and communication

I am Marcello Moresco, Senior Art Director of Milan expert in Image & Communication. I have been working for over 25 years both on traditional media and on the web, creating Still Life photos of products, websites and eCommerce, valuable content for product sheets and company sites. Publishing products of all kinds. I take care of the visibility of a website through its SEO positioning in Google's organic search, thanks to SEO On Page content editing actions, analyzes and monthly reports.

· My artistic and graphic training has led me over the years to take care of the corporate Brand Identity for important clients, creating Logotypes and Corporate Identity, as well as editorial products such as House Organs, Brochures and Product Catalogues. In the web environment, however, using the platform CMS WordPress, I create corporate websites, eCommerce and Blogs with modern, captivating and always updated graphics. Sites with fast navigation and always well positioned on Google.

· I write blog articles on my website and I take care of editing and reviewing the contents of websites and eCommerce for my clients.

· I published one Guide (unique in Italy) for sale online and I dedicated myself to training, creating a professional training course in the use of WordPress, the most used CMS platform in the world to publish a website.

Passion for photography



My skills

    • Photography80%
    • Graphic & Desktop Publishing100%
    • SEO Optimization and Positioning100%
    • Content Editing & Copy90%
    • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS390%
    • Using WordPress and WooCommerce100%
    • Using of Photoshop90%
    • Spoken and written English90%

    Portfolio at a glance

    Tuscany Coast Villa Zen
    Tuscany Coast Villa Zen
    (Logo and website created by Marcello Moresco)
    (website and personal blog)
    Masseria 12 Granai
    Centro Veneto del Mobile
    Demas Milano
    La mia cosmesi naturale
    Lynkx Trails
    Art Musica Eventi
    Acquario in casa
    (over 26,000 Users Facebook group)

    Image and communication

    · All the websites and eCommerce sites that I publish are well indexed and positioned on Google and other search engines thanks to specific SEO content editing activities of the contents: from the analysis of the competition and the market, to then identify the target and find the most effective communication. I am thus able to bring users and customers interest (in a short time and with certain results) towards the online projects that I create and manage for small and medium-sized companies and professionals in every sector.

    · My passion for photography led me to specialize in the creation of Still Life product photos, as a natural complement to communication. Corporate photos and photos for eCommerce that can best enhance the image of your business and the products you sell on the web. I use professional Fujifilm and studio equipment that allow me to create unique and original Still Life photos.

    Marcello Moresco

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